Monday, April 30, 2012

Great day to everyone reading this.
        I have to mention that we are finally starting to work on our last wall in the living room  yay, I just got done filling the wholes now waiting for it to dry. We went out last week to find flooring, we had some picked out from when we were going to do this a few months back but it was no longer around. I really must say that all things happen for a reason since we did not get the flooring laid the last time and now they do not have the one we picked out we found the most perfect flooring I just love everything about it I am so glad things worked out the way it did. So hope to remember this moment when I think about how bad I want things to happen. I really do believe that someone is watching over us to make sure we do the right thing.
         So now we are looking into who will give us the best deal for this product I so can't wait. I will show before and afters when it gets laid. With this being all that's going on I have not done any creative things this last week so I won't be showing anything fun.
                      I so hope your week goes swimmingly until next time
                                              Hugs and kisses

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