Monday, April 22, 2013

        Wow it has been a year already my my, well I am going to try to get this going again I have had a very aggravating year trying to sell our home, we have a developer that owns all the property around us and he seams to think his equipment needs to be in my view out the back door so when people looked at our home they see all this junk and got discouraged. Anyway we remodeled the kitchen and bath I love how it turned out even though we had a very very small budget to work with, I still love it.
         Well since we did not sell for the second time we decided to take out a loan to get a few big projects done, we figured it should be very easy so we thought lol the bank kept doing stalling tactics could not figure out why so I threw it out to the universe and asked why, Wow my realtor called that same day and said that the developer was possibly going to sell to the city and was wondering if we still wanted to sell, So I took this as a sign to quit the loan and just sit back and wait.
          So with all of that I have been at wits end  trying not to be to frustrated and decided that hey if I can't change my home life I will change my work life, I have been doing hair for over 30 years and have realized my body just can't do it much longer so my next thing I love to do is create, Yes CREATE I make jewelry, stained glass sun catchers and sculpt and I just love love it, so I decided that when the salon is closed I will be having classes held there, this will be a great opportunity to get my self set up for the next faze in my life I see nothing but great fun from here on out.

                                            SO HERE'S TO A NEW LIFE!   

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  1. Good for you Tracy!! I have been struggling with the next phase of my life so I can totally relate. I wish you much luck with your new endeavor and with the your house. I only wish I was closer so I could take the classes you are offering. ♥